Overcoming Fear

What do you fear? Has fear stopped you in your tracks? In my work, I have conversed with many, many founders, students, and employees who are stuck. Here’s what I hear:

  • “I’m afraid it won’t work.”
  • “I’m afraid of rejection.”
  • “Must I show others that I’m not good at this?”

They’re not wrong.

  • Results don’t come at first. Often not even after much repetition.
  • Humans resist change. You will get rejected, and it will hurt, so you’ve got to put on the proverbial iron mask.
  • People will see that you are not very good at it, even if you don’t want them to.

Do it anyway.

Personal courage is the antithesis of fear. Fear doesn’t disappear. Courage is locking horns with fear directly and doing it anyway. Difficulty and fear will be your companions on this portion of your journey, and you may just find that they become unexpected friends.

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