👋 Hi! I’m Lorenzo!

I’m a serial founder, developer, fitness devotee, transplant recipient, and bilingual.

I currently do development work for a stealth-mode startup in the Bay Area while working remotely in Korea. I’m fortunate enough to be listed as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Ignite Innovators in Seoul.

I’m @LSwank on Twitter, where I say whatever is on my mind, generally unfiltered.

I write about health and fitness, design thinking, software architecture, intercultural competence, and time/energy management.

Cool Things I’ve Done

  • Developed 70+ mobile apps as founder of Pixio, for clients such as 3M, Kaiser, and Rio Tinto.
  • Early member of Seoul-based Malang Studio. (acquired by Yellow Mobile)
  • Former COO of MEP Tech. (exited to ULyte)
  • Startup mentor at the Seoul Global Startup Center.
  • Created and taught the first University-level iPhone development class outside of Stanford, for the University of Utah, which I started while still an undergrad.
  • Launched 3 of the first 300 apps on the Apple App Store on opening day in 2008.
  • Published the first game on the jailbroken iPhone, “Mobile Tetris”. Featured in Popular Science, November 2007.

This blog is 4800 words and counting.