Its Already Been Done

Oh, no. They’ve already done it. Your heart is racing. The thing you wanted to do – the thing you set your sights on and put your energy into has already been done. You just saw it. Someone is at the finish line. They’ve accomplished what you are merely starting.

It’s not that other people haven’t done this thing before. It’s that they did it.

What do you do? Do you stop, afraid that The Others will think you are a copycat?


So what if they think you’re a copycat? This isn’t a participation trophy event. You still must put in the hard work.

No one can cross the finish line for you.

So do it. Run. Lift. Paint. Write. Sing. Do what it is that you set out to do.

What about them? They did the work. Excellent. Congratulations to them. They have taken their place on the stage. They held their arms high and received their trophy.

Join them. There’s room on the stage.

Why? Because The Others aren’t clamoring to do the work. They are content to heckle from the bleachers, from the sidelines of life.

It’s not going to be easy. Put in your earphones. Crank up the music.

Sure, it’s been done before. But it’s still a first for you.

Think of who you will become because of the journey, the struggle, and the agony.

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